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I recently came across an article in a newspaper column with the title nude gay Asian men then was surprised to see gay sex spread in the continent of Asia too. Yes, things have come a long way and you can now witness protests from gay sex lovers all over the world. With gay sex legalized in many parts of North America things are gaining momentum among people in the rest of the world too. though the customs and traditions of the people in Asia is completely different from those of the English, people still prefer to be left on their own, especially no one would like their interests to be spoiled when it comes to sex.

So, if somewhere in the world people are still happy in spite of carrying the same feelings and emotions then others do believe that there is nothing wrong in them fighting for it. This is the main reason for the rapid increase in the number of protests in Asia and other places related to gay sex activities. People have gone to extent of protesting nude on the streets so that they get the attention of everybody in the world towards their rights.

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