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Now a day's gay sex is one of the hottest topics not only for discussion but for experimentation too. Indulging in other boys' private parts and both alluring each other with their hard cocks are too common now. In many of the Asian Countries homosexuality is legalized. It makes the gays and lesbians too common today

Medically homosexuality or getting attracted is a kind of mental and genitical disorder. In the case of mental disarray medicines and counseling are some of the preferred measures. But often many of the gays may   not admit being attracted to the same sex. The reason behind it is the social taboo attached to it

When they find people of similar interests they open up their minds and body. In Asian subcontinent the number of gay boys is comparatively high. In countries like Thailand and Japan, there are a lot many boys who prefer a boy rather than a girl. For them the concepts like having a girl friend and enjoying days and night with them and partying are all nonsense.

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